Manage and sync calendars for both you and your employees



What would life be without a well-organized calendar? Spoiler Alert: It would be complete chaos. Inspherio provides you a calendar for scheduling all your appointments, events, meetings, phone calls, email blasts, etc. For all the color coders out there, you can let your categorizing skills run wild by distinguishing every event type imaginable: weddings, rehearsals, bridal parties, dress fittings, cake tastings, tailor appointments for the groom, venues walkthroughs, adult beverage sampling, photographer reviews, any and every task associated with a your event.

Calendars can be viewed by month, week, or day and you can isolate which events you choose to view. Your meticulously organized Inspherio calendar can be synced with your Google Calendar and to keep your employees separated from your personal calendar, their schedules can be organized in your included Professional Calendar.

Professionals Calendar:

Choose to view a master calendar of all your employees or just look at a single employee’s upcoming activities.
When all your events are scheduled, color coded, and synced to your Google Calendar, the next step is invitations and reminders. Easily invite outside contacts - such as vendors or clients - to appointments and/or events. Sending reminders is one of the best ways to keep everyone on track, especially during the busy event season. You can set calendar reminders to notify invitees of upcoming events and specific times to help increase punctuality (which is becoming an endangered quality these days).