Organize the individual events that make the celebration come alive

Associated Events

The associated events are what really make any celebration a lasting memory. Inspherio provides you with a unique Associated Events feature that allows you to organize the individual events within the event and assign them to a specific professional. That is basically the textbook definition, but the applications of this feature will truly amaze you.

  • When planning an event, say a wedding, a client might find it necessary to request numerous events to happen during the course of their matrimony celebration. For example, after the ceremony a bride might request to have a cocktail hour for her guest while the wedding party is being photographed; if this does happen, possibly suggest having drinks brought to the wedding party-no one should miss out on cocktail hour. During cocktail hour and the photo shoot, the reception hall needs to be going through last minute set-ups and a final inspection. With Inspherio, all these events that happen within an hour after the ceremony can be neatly organized with the Associated Events feature, and then each individual event can then be assigned to a professional.
  • This feature can be essential to all professionals in the event industry. It allows you the freedom to break down every event into sub-events for organizational precision. A favorite highlight of the Associate event feature is the ability to assign professionals to a specific event. For wedding planners and event planners this is a life saver. Every event within a wedding can be broken down and assigned to a makeup artist, photographer, officiant, florist, caterer, bartender, entertainment, etc. Then a detailed itinerary can be constructed and easily sent to every vendor involved so everyone knows exactly how the event will proceed.