Empower clients to accomplish tasks from home

Client Portal

This exclusive Inspherio feature may sound like something from science fiction, but rest assured it is reality and can completely change how you interact with your clients. Included in your Inspherio account are multitudes of options for contracts, pricing quotes, service packages, payment retrieval, and questionnaires, but how are you supposed to send all those documents to your clients? Emails and fax machines aren’t always reliable, snail-mail is completely inefficient for this task, and other sharing options just don’t have the professional touch to represent your successful business. Inspherio has utilized an ingenious method to quickly send your clients everything they need to sign, fill-out, and review. We call this miraculous advancement in technology the...Client Portal (if we could insert sound effects, you would hear them now).

The Inspherio Client Portal is a feature that will significantly streamline how you retrieve information from your clients. If you are working or have worked multiple events with a client, they can view and select which event they want to work on. Clients can view the different pricing packages or custom quotes you have created for them. They can answer the very important KYE questions within a designated time frame, saving you from having to make multiple phone calls or send numerous emails. When everything is agreed upon, your clients can even e-sign their contracts through their Client Portal.

Anticipating your next question about security, your client will be able to create their own password to their portal via an email sent from your account. Each email will include a link to the client portal and they can get started on completing needed event information.


Inspherio is all about customization and your Client Portal is no exception. You can have our team create your client portal to match the look of your current website. Just e-mail the Inspherio support staff your logos and color scheme and they will take care of the rest.