Electronically create integrated Contracts that can be sent and e-signed quickly and safely


Don’t you just love the legitimizing effect of a perfectly constructed contract? The finishing touch of your client’s signature creates a legal work of art. Okay, that might be a little reaching but you get the importance. Contracts can save you from all types of bad situations, from lawsuits to bridezillas, it is critical to lay out your terms and conditions for every aspect of an event. With Inspherio the entire process from creating a contract to sending it to your client has been reconditioned with the most modern features available. Can you possibly guess how any program can reinvent the contract process? With anticipation growing, we won’t keep you waiting any longer, let’s reveal the features:


Every piece of vital information your client provides through the KYE form and their pricing package will auto-fill into an e-Contract. Go ahead and say goodbye to double-entering information, you will never have to do it again.


What makes our contract process so amazing is the ability to e-sign a contract. No faxing, mailing, or meeting required to obtain the finishing touch to your contracts. You sign straight from your account and your client signs via their client portal. Introducing greener practices in your business has never been easier.

Payment Plan

Providing a payment plan option would really set you apart from other professionals in your field. This is one of those make or break features for the budget conscience client. You can create a custom or standard payment plan for your clients and Inspherio will automatically generate an invoice for each payment.


Has the safety officer within you started to ask questions? Well have peace of mind knowing that your client creates their own login information to sign into their client portal. When completing contracts and everything else, our system dates & time stamps when each task is completed and records their computer’s IP address - you can never have enough documentation.