Record expenses and assign them to particular events and employees


Business expenses come in every form and dollar amount imaginable. Recording and tracking them can really cut into your work day and just cast a dark cloud on your mood, and let’s not even get started on the uneventful task of reimbursements. It will come up in a minute, but we are just going to skip over it for this introduction. If you like all your expenses neat, organized, and up-to-date (who doesn’t right?) then Inspherio has the perfect feature for you, as well as all of our other impressive features.

In your profession, the expenses you incur will change from month to month, you might have a few recurring figures, but they are usually not constant. Because your expenses vary, you need the best options available to record and track them. With Inspherio you will always know what expenses were incurred for a specific event and have an up-to-date financial report for your business.

When you have an Inspherio account, here are a few highlighted features to help you manage your expenses:

Assign Expenses to Employees

You have the option to note which employees incurred which expenses for an event. You will never have to rely on an employee’s memory, or crumpled up receipts to know every expense from an event.

Record Expenses

You can record various expenses and assign them to particular events. When tax time comes around you will have all your expense information in one convenient location. A stress-free tax experience does exist with the help of Inspherio.


Documentation is a key aspect to any great business management practice. When using Inspherio, you can easily record when you reimburse your employees for expenses so you know what payments are still pending.