Easily invite, prepare and organize event guest lists

Guest List

The premier business management program for Event Industry Professionals wouldn’t be complete without an integrated Guest List feature. Inspherio wouldn’t leave you without every tool needed to create an amazing event time and time again. Being an event professional, you know that guest list features are pretty standard, but being standard isn’t an option for Inspherio. Our Guest List feature provides you with greener initiative options, as well as, an uncomplicated user-interface. Are you beginning to wonder what the greener initiative possibilities are? That must be your advanced powers of observation at work.

  • A scenario is definitely in order to showcase this feature’s real-life application. To set the scene, you are an event planner who has been highly sought after for your amazing professional skills in creating the most successful product launch parties. The company you are planning this event for utilizes green business initiatives and would like you to do the same for the event. So that means no excess paper, use of recycled décor, and L.E.D lighting. With Inspherio, you upload the guest list that has been sent to you via email, and organize it for efficiency. There are 247 guests on that list and they all need a paperless invitation. You don’t worry because Inspherio provides you the option to send invitations to the guest list via email; no paper, ink, ribbon, or glitter required.
  • Guests can be easily added or cut from the list as needed; you know those guest lists keep changing all the way up to the last minute. You are able to access your guest lists on your mobile device, so you always have a copy and remain organized and professional at all times.