Inspherio maximizes user organization and time management through its centralized Dashboard, the core of every Inspherio account.

From the Dashboard, users can view pending business in a single glance. Whether one is a caterer, wedding planner, DJ, or make-up artist, the Dashboard makes it easy to keep track of all events, clients and vendors, and to track all event progress in real-time.


Organize your potential clients as soon as they inquire.

There are three ways to bring in inquiring leads for your business:
  • Import leads from your own Contact Me page: Each account comes with its own unique HTML code that allows you to put your own customize request form on your own website. Any time a lead completes and submits this form, their information will automatically appear in your Incoming Leads list.
  • Upload a .CSV File: If you have a .CSV file of leads – maybe from a show – you can easily upload that list to your account by matching up the appropriate fields.
  • Create a Lead: If you have a lead talk to you in your office or on the phone, you can easily enter their information by choosing to create a new lead on your own.

Associated Event

Organize the individual events that make the celebration come alive.

The associated events are what really make any celebration a lasting memory. Inspherio provides you with a unique feature that allows you to organize the individual events within the event and assign them to a specific professional. When planning an event, a client might find it necessary to request numerous sub-events to happen during the course of their overall event. With Inspherio, all these events that happen can be neatly organized with the Associated Events feature, and then each individual event can then be assigned to a professional and a detailed itinerary can be constructed and easily sent to every vendor involved so everyone knows exactly how the event will proceed.



Create pricing packages and send them in a flash.

One of the first things that your leads will ask, if you don’t post this information on your website, is for your different pricing options. With Inspherio, you have a couple easy ways to send pricing to your leads:
  • Standard Packages: You can easily send one or all of your packages with a few clicks of the mouse. You don’t ever have to enter these packages in again.
  • Custom Quotes: If you primarily work in custom packages, that is not a problem. Build your own custom quotes, either from scratch or based off a standard package, to send to your leads. You can even set a deadline for how long the custom quote is valid.

Both standard packages and custom quotes are delivered to your leads via an email template and are viewable in browser format.


Know Your Event

Use our exclusive Know Your Event questionnaire to obtain event information for your clients.

Gathering client information for an event can be one of your most tedious tasks. We simplify the process with our exclusive KYE – or Know Your Event – form. With the KYE, you can save both time and a major headache.
  • Complete Customization: Set your default template for each of your event categories so you can make sure to ask the right questions. However, we don’t limit you to the template. Since we know each client is unique, edit the template for individual clients without affecting the default.
  • Client Portal: Have your client fill out the questionnaire via their client portal and watch it automatically sync with their event in your account. This not only saves you time, but also limits event-day second guessing. After all, they are the ones that provided the information.
  • Set Deadlines: Make sure you have the correct information in a timely matter by setting deadlines for each question. Lock answered questions so that information cannot be changed without your knowledge.


Electronically create contracts that clients can e-sign.

Contracts are critical to your business so that you can get an event on the books. With our electronic contracts, creating contracts is easier than ever.
  • Auto-Fill: Information gathered from your completed KYE and from your sent pricing options will auto-fill into your contract so you don’t have to double-enter information, once again saving you time and avoiding human error from copying and pasting.
  • Payment Plan: Create your own payment plan in each contract for auto-generated invoices.
  • E-Signing: With our e-signing option, both you and your client can sign the contract in minutes so that you close deals faster. You sign straight from your account and the client signs via their client portal.
  • Security: Not only does your client create their own password to sign into their client portal, but the system date and time stamps when the contract is e-signed and captures their computer’s IP address.


Empower clients to accomplish tasks from home.

Your client needs to know how much they owe you and when to pay.
  • Auto-Generated: Invoices will automatically generate based on the payment plan you established when creating your contracts. This removed any human error from transferring amounts and due dates.
  • Billable Expenses: Automatically generate invoices for lost of damage rental products.
  • Create your Own: Make your own invoice for any situation, including contract add-ons.
  • Reminders: Your account will remind you of both unsent invoices and outstanding payments


Create detailed Itineraries to keep your events running smoothly.

Contracts are critical to your business so that you can get an event on the books. With our electronic contracts, creating contracts is easier than ever.

The eceptional Itinerary Feature allows you to create multiple itineraries for a single event to keep vendors, employees, and clients on schedule. When planning your itinerary within Inspherio, you are provided with customizable templates to design meticulously detailed schedules. After the itinerary is completed and imported to the event, it can be seamlessly shared with clients, vendors, and employees. To provide you with as many options as possible to send your itineraries, Inspherio even offers a print and mail option.


Guest List

Prepare an organized guest list with the option to send invitations directly from your Inspherio account.

Your client needs to know how much they owe you and when to pay.

Inspherio’s ingenious Guest List feature allows you to build each guest list with extreme precision. After creating an event within Inspherio, you are provided the tools that are essential to make a guest list based on the information sent by your client. The guest list is kept organized and can be edited as needed. If a client ever has a question about a particular update or change that needs to be made, you can quickly pull up the guest list wherever you are and make any necessary changes within seconds via the Inspherio App.



Accept instant payments via Paypal and Authorize.net

With your Inspherio account, you can either receive payments electronically or enter payments yourself.
  • Payment Gateways: Sync either your PayPal or Authorize.net account for instant payments.
  • Enter Payments: Create your own payment plan in each contract for auto-generated invoices.
  • E-Signing:If you have received payments via cash, check, or credit card, enter each payment in seconds with our Add Payment module.
  • Assign to Invoices: Assign your payments to invoices so you can mark them as paid.


Empower clients to accomplish tasks from home.

Your client needs to know how much they owe you and when to pay. During your event planning, you and/or your employees may incur a number of expenses.
  • Record Expenses: You can record your various expenses and assign them to particular events.
  • Assign to Employees: Note which employees incurred which expenses for an event.
  • Reimbursements: Record when you reimburse your employees for expenses so you know if you still owe someone money.


Check event items in and out for your various events.

You can manage your event inventory so you know your quantity on hand at all times.
  • Add items to a contract.
  • Check items out for an event (including equipment) and later check them back in.
  • View your load list to make sure you have everything you need when preparing for an event.
  • When returning items to your inventory, note their condition so you know if anything was lost or damaged during the event process.

Manage Professionals

Assign employees to events and record their pay

Your employees are a critical part to having a successful business. We understand, however, that there are a lot of moving parts when working with employees. We help organize and simplify the process.
  • Scheduling:You can assign your employees to any number of events, meetings, tasks, and personal days with our Professionals Calendar.
  • Payroll: You can set standard fees or commission percentages for your employees when they work an event; or you can assign their event fee for particular events. Record their pay so you can run year-end payroll reports for easier tax filing.
  • Limited access: You probably don’t want all of your employees to see all of your business information. With Inspherio, you can limit access to different parts of the program for specific employees so they can only see and do what you allow them.


Manage all you vendors effortlessly in one convenient location

You will be working with a number of vendors on a consistent basis. If you are planning several events at once, however, it can be easy to mix up which vendors are working which events. With Inspherio, you have your address book full of contacts, including your vendors, but you can “assign” your vendors to particular events so that you can keep them straight.

Want to have better communication with your fellow vendors? The development of our vendor portal will allow you to send the following to any other event professional working your events:

  • Questionnaires to gather needed info
  • Contracts between vendors.
  • Itineraries for setup, event day, and breakdown


Manage calendars for both you and your employees

As an event professional, we understand that your calendar is typically full. With our calendar, you can not only schedule events, but also various meetings and tasks. Along with your calendar comes the following features:
  • Sync with Google Calendar: You can sync your Inspherio calendar with your Google calendar so that whatever you schedule in one will automatically appear in the other.
  • Assign Employees: With your calendar, you can assign your employees to meetings and tasks.
  • Invite Others: You can invite outside contacts – such as vendors or clients – to your meetings.
  • Professionals Calendar: Choose to view a master calendar of all your employees or just look at a single employee’s upcoming activities.
  • Reminders: Set calendar reminders to make sure all invitees show up.

Client Portal

Empower clients to accomplish tasks from home

While working with your leads/clients, you can give them access to their own client portal – to which they log in with their own secure password – to accomplish a number of important tasks, including:

  • Filling out the KYE form.
  • Reviewing and e-signing event contracts.
  • Reviewing and paying event invoices.


Promote your business to your contacts with campaigns

  • Email marketing

    Our email marketing function allows you to schedule and send various marketing emails to your contacts, such as specials or updates on your business. Send blasts out to particular groups, including your leads, former customers, or vendors. You can even brand the emails to match that of your business. Better yet, there is no additional fee to use this feature.

  • Campaigns

    You can also track the effectiveness of your external marketing campaigns – such as advertising on a wedding website or in a magazine – via your Contact Us form. When you add certain campaigns to the “How did you find us?” question, you can run a report showing how many people answered for those campaigns. This way, you can see if certain campaigns are more successful than others and if that is where you should allotting your marketing dollars.



View your financial activity for a single event or your entire business with our detailed Reports Feature

You can run a variety of reports to see how your business is doing at any given time. We offer several different types of reports and are always adding to the list:

  • Payroll
  • Contacts Info
  • Event Status
  • Payment Status

You can export reports in Word, Excel, or PDF format and provide certain ones to your CPA for tax reporting purposes.


Milestone Tracker

Let this visual gauge keep you up to date on where you are with each event.

The Milestone Tracker, a visual gauge, also indicates the past and present milestones to accomplish for that particular event. It serves as a quick reminder to “collect a payment” or “book the venue,” so the event professional knows at-a-glance the next course of action.