Track and check event items in and out for your various events


Inventory does not just include your stock on hand, it also includes: work in progress, raw materials, finished goods on hand, etc. Well maybe your inventory doesn’t contain all those different categories, but the textbook definition is just covering all the bases. With Inspherio, you can always know what you have on hand with our Inventory Feature. Let’s take a look at what our Inventory Feature can offer you…

Inventory Management

If you keep a lot of products in stock, managing every little piece of inventory can be tedious. Inspherio provides you with an organized and easily accessible list of your entire stock. When items are check out or added to a client’s contract, your inventory will automatically update to display your current quantity. When you are returning items to your inventory, you can note their condition so you have documentation if you need to write an expense report and require reimbursement.

Load List

Packing for an event is not a task to approach lightly. You don’t want to show up at an event, on time and dressed to impress then find out you forgot to pack critical items. Inspherio provides you with a Load List option to keep you prepared and professional. You can check out items from your inventory to add on your Load List and your account will automatically update showing the new quantity.

Inventory Reservations

When you are creating a contract for you client, you can mark specific items in your inventory to reserve for an event. Should an item have an availability conflict on a particular date and time, you will receive a notification that details the issue.

  • Add items to a contract
  • Check items out for an event (including equipment) and later check them back in.
  • View your load list to make sure you have everything you need when preparing for an event.
  • When returning items to your inventory, note their condition so you know if anything was lost/damaged during the event.