Create detailed Itineraries to keep your events running smoothly


To bring your client’s vision to life, every minute of an event is meticulously planned. When there are numerous peopled involved to create a flawless event, and everyone has a different schedule, Inspherio’s Itinerary Feature will keep the day running smoothly.

  • A scenario is the best way to extend the use of this feature into real-life application. Imagine this - you probably have lived this moment: You are wedding planner and have worked endless hours for the past 6 months to plan the perfect dream wedding for your client. On the day of the wedding, the bridal party, band, and the bartender have lost their itineraries. Your bride is stressing out because she doesn’t know where she should be, the band starts their sound check too early, and your bartender is setting up for the reception and has forgotten about the cocktail hour. The stress is starting to build as you begin to frantically search through papers for each of their coordinating itineraries with no luck. The assistant can’t find them either, so you have to find a way to handle each situation and calm the bride down so she can get into hair and makeup. With Inspherio, this scenario would have gone a completely different way.
  • Start back at the beginning…you have worked endless hours planning the perfect dream wedding for your client using Inspherio. You created custom itineraries for the bride, bridal party, band, bartender, caterer, and surprise entertainment. Each itinerary was seamlessly imported into your scheduled event so all the event details are in one place. To make sure everyone knows what to do the day of the event, you mailed out copies of the itineraries weeks in advanced. The bridal party, band, and the bartender have misplaced their itineraries, so you quickly open your Inspherio app and get them a copy in a few seconds. The wedding is back on schedule and the crisis is averted.
  • Inspherio’s Itinerary feature provides you customizable templates to create detailed schedules for everyone involved in the event. Once an itinerary is created, it can easily be sent to the appropriate professional in a matter of seconds. If it is misplaced, you always have a copy on hand to avoid those stressful moments that can wreak havoc on any event.