Quickly and efficiently collect cusomizable event data from the clients

Know Your Event

When putting together a client’s vision for an event they must change their minds a million times about certain details. They will change their minds so much that the original event requests have been forgotten and the client begins to stress. This begins a downward spiral that tests your nerves to their limits. Well Inspherio has solved that problem with our exclusive event-information-gathering–wonder known as The Know Your Event form.

If you are thinking that the KYE form is nothing more than a simple questionnaire that can be easily duplicated, then jump off that thought train right away. It is so much more than just a questionnaire and has lifesaving applications when planning events. Here is a quick overview of the KYE:

  • Customization: Inspherio is all about options so you have multiple ways to create your KYE forms to fit every client, vendor, and event. You can create your own KYE template or choose a KYE default template for your event.
  • Client Portal: Have your client fill out the questionnaire via their client portal and watch it automatically sync with their event in your account. This not only saves you time, but also limits event-day second guessing. After all, your clients are the ones that provided the information.
  • Set Deadlines: Sometimes clients aren’t as timely as they should be at returning event information to you. Last minute decisions can be completely avoided by setting a deadline of completion for the KYE form. Inspherio even included a locking feature for the KYE form so you can lock questions and answers cannot be changed without your knowledge. You can never be caught off-guard again and you have documentation stating the specific request of a client for added insurance. Inspherio has you covered from all angles.