Organize your potential clients as soon as they inquire


Leads are essential to continuously build your business and Inspherio has channeled the inner categorizer in us all by providing you with multiple options to organize your leads.

Incoming Leads

Every lead has to start somewhere and your Incoming Leads list is their first destination. This page will display an organized list of potential client information received directly from your “Request Quote” form (conveniently located on your very own public Inspherio website).

When creating your Inspherio account, a customizable “Contact Me” page is included. Any time a lead completes and submits this form, their information will automatically appear in your Leads list.

Active Leads

All your leads that have requested package & pricing information, or with whom you are actively in contact with, will be listed in your Active Leads. When you send package & pricing information to any of your Incoming leads, they will be automatically transferred to your Active Leads list. You also have the option to manually change a lead to a booked client or back to an inactive lead, so your Active Leads list reflects current potential clients.

Inactive Leads

You never want to fully delete lead information because they can open doors to future business. Your Inactive Leads list is where you can view leads that have been marked Inactive. From this list, leads can be moved to your Active Leads list or simply saved for future reference. Think of this list as your virtual rolodex (remember those) of potential clients and networking contacts.

Create a Lead

Inspherio provides you with multiple options to create a lead in your account. Whether a potential client contacts you via phone for pricing information or schedules a meeting to get a pricing rundown, you can save all their information along with their event details in one convenient location. Even if you are out and about at events or reviewing all the business cards you received at the latest Wedding Expo (you know the one) you can input lead information via the Inspherio App at any time from any location. You have a few options to upload your leads too:

Upload via .CSV File: If you have a .CSV file of leads, you can upload your entire list, organize it, and schedule appointments from one all-inclusive program.