Assign employees to events, record their pay, and manage schedules

Manage Professionals

When managing employees, you know there are a lot of moving parts: payroll, scheduling, part-time, full-time, the list can go on forever but you get the point. Inspherio is incorporated with a unique employee management feature that allows you to add employees to your account so you can assign them to events, schedule work hours, and track their payroll.

Once an employee is added to your account, you can seamlessly create an organized and detailed event schedule, noting specific assignments and times. This feature is perfect for days that you have multiple events, or a big extravagant wedding that has a mind boggling amount of elements to bring a bride’s dreams into reality.

In the wedding business, notifications and reminders will never go out of style. You have the option to send client reminders as well as your employees to notify them of upcoming events (just in case). These notifications are perfect to remind employees of event location, times, bowtie color, dress code updates, or anything else you don’t want them to forget. Now, let’s talk payroll.

Tracking employee payroll is a very tedious responsibility, but did you know it doesn’t have to be? Inspherio is truly an all-inclusive program; you can set standard fees, commission percentages, expenses, and reimbursements for your employees. As a bonus, you have the option to provide limited access to event information for any employee:

Limited access:

You can limit access to different parts of the program for specific employees so they do not need to contact you for every event detail. This is a great feature for your assistants when you cannot physically be at an event.