Promote your business to your contacts with seamless campaigns


The art of email marketing is very much alive. The trick is what you include in the email for your marketing strategy. You already possess the creative talent; all you need are the tools to construct an income-producing email marketing campaign. With Inspherio, you have access to every means possible for your emails, including: template categories, template customization, email marketing management, email merge tags, and support assistance. Let’s discuss a few of these features more in-depth.

Email Marketing Management

You can efficiently manage all your emails that are sent from your Inspherio account. After you send an email campaign, you will receive a detailed report displaying open rate, link activity, bounced emails, and unsubscribes.

Email Merge Tags

Create Email Merge Tags from questions presented in your KYE form or from information in your address book. These tags can be added to your email templates to automatically enter desired information such as the client’s first name, last name, event date, event location, etc. Merge Tags can also be created for information like your name, address, and email signature.


Email Marketing Campaigns are not your only source of marketing options with Inspherio. You can create multiple campaigns that reveal various data to benefit your business. When advertising on a wedding website or in a magazine, you can implement a “How did you find us?” campaign on your request forms to see where your leads are coming from. Then you can specifically target those marketing outlets to improve your lead list. Your marketing campaigns can take your business to the next level of success when you know exactly which marketing platforms work best.