Create pricing packages and send them in a flash


First thing any potential client wants to know is what packages and pricing options you provide. When dealing with multiple pricing requests, the last thing you want to do is re-enter the same information over and over again. Inspherio has the perfect solution to get your quotes out to potential clients - The Package Management Feature.

This feature lets you arrange your outstanding services in a perfect package and set your own price. You can even set pricing for specific services or add-ons for your clients to choose from. Once you have all your pricing options set, you can create your own Terms & Conditions for all packages so every aspect of your services are safe and secure.

There are a few options for creating your packages:

Custom Quotes

You can really give your business an edge by creating custom packages for your clients. It might take a little bit of time to gain some knowledge of your client’s event, but after that you can really set yourself apart from other professionals in your field by creating a custom package that caters specifically to your client’s needs. You will see your effort being greatly appreciated when leads turn into clients by signing that contract. Your custom quotes can be based on a standard package that you have already set and add on additional services. To keep everyone on track, you have the ability to set a specific deadline the quote is valid. Time is always of the essence.

Standard Packages

Ah, the simplicity of standard packages. You can easily set multiple standard packages to choose from when a lead asks for pricing information. These packages will become your main go-to options, and you can set separate services as add-ons to create custom packages in a snap. You will never have to re-enter package information again. Just click and send.


Both standard packages and custom quotes are delivered to your leads via email and/or a client portal that are accessible in any browser format.