Receive payments electronically, enter yourself, or accept instant payments via Paypal and


The busy event professional on-the-go deserves nothing but the best for all their business management needs. Inspherio provides you with the best features that have been meticulously customized for a professional in the event industry. When we say “the best” we also mean modern, sleek, and efficient. Our Payments Feature is a shining example of the exclusive features that have been tailored to fit your unique management demands.

You are never short of payment options with Inspherio. You can receive payments electronically through payment gateways or if you prefer to kick it old school by accepting checks, cash, or credit cards, we have options for that too. However you plan to handle the most important part of your business, other than your expert skills at making dreams come true, Inspherio has got you covered from every angle.

Assign to Employees

Your life can be simplified with just a few clicks of your mouse. By assigning your payments to a specific invoice, you never have to double enter information or lose track of what has been paid and what has not. You can even set automatic reminders to notify clients, and yourself, of upcoming payment deadlines.

Enter Payments

If you like the classic tradition of receiving payment via cash, check, or credit card, Inspherio has simplified your data entry process. All you will do is enter each payment with our Add Payment option to record the amount, and it will automatically update the invoice attached to the event. And all your payment records will be documented in your Reports for financial management. Your accountant will be so happy to receive a well organized report will all your financial exchanges properly documented.

Payment Gateways

The best thing to happen to online business management, other than Inspherio, is the creation of payment gateways. Who needs cash or a check to make payments these days anyway? You can quickly sync your PayPal or account for direct payment retrieval. Nothing is more satisfying than instant gratification - got to love technology advancements.