View financial activity for a single event or your entire business with detailed Reports


Who doesn’t love a concise report of their business information? Your business has numerous financial aspects that are very critical to track and maintain properly. Inspherio provides you with a wide array of report options to know how your business is doing at any given time. Our Reports Feature is one of the most beneficial advancements for your business. Time is precious and you don’t want to be wasting it sorting through a mountain of paperwork to find information only to re-enter it in multiple locations. Inspherio has sleek and modern solution for creating reports...let’s take a closer look.

Profit and Loss

Various reports can be run with our Report Feature; one of the most important is a Profit and Loss Report. This report is a detailed list of your transactions that make up a profit and loss financial statement. You can even run a report for individual event categories so you can see clearly see what is working for your business and where you might need improvement.


The Payroll Report displays a list of fees paid to your employees and contractors. You can view your overall payroll for all employees as well as a breakdown of each employee’s income for a specific event or time frame.

Event Status Reports

This particular type of report is perfect for an overall view of where your events stand. The Event Status Reports lists payment status, outstanding payments, payments received, contract status, and even upcoming activities associated with your event. It is a perfect breakdown of event information that can show exactly what has been completed and upcoming actions.

Export Reports

You can export reports in Word, Excel, or PDF format to your CPA. Can you already image the overwhelming happiness your account will feel when you send him such an organized and concise report of your finances? He might even cry.